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Endorsements from Law Enforcement Agencies and Participants

“The training and the manner in which it was carried out, provided our staff with a very real experience and insight into how the youth in their custody must feel. The AVERT training far exceeded my expectations as a training for staff. I believe the AVERT program adds to the safety of our juvenile hall through the messages learned, and lived by staff.”
Kimberly Barrett, Chief Probation Officer, San Luis Obispo County, California

“Your training has proven to be an inspiration to the Juvenile Hall staff of Del Norte County Probation Department. The training created solidarity among the Juvenile Correctional Officers we had not witnessed through other trainings and cultivated a culture of consistence in the way officers treat wards. Officers state they feel better able to diffuse situations and better able to react as a team. Thank you for the wonderful training. Your contribution to out professionalism will always be remembered.”
Robert E. Seymour, Chief Probation Officer, Del Norte County, California

“The AVERT training is excellent and Mr. Manzella presents the training in a very professional and dynamic manner. The training helps staff better understand the situation faced by offenders. The training also improves understanding and communication between offenders and staff. The training is some of the best I’ve seen during my many years of local and state correctional experience.”
James Rowland, Former Director of the California Department of Correction and the California Youth Authority

“Most peace officers know very little about the dynamics of their chosen profession before they start to actually work in the field. This type of training provides a viable, realistic means of not only understanding the dynamics of persons under restraint but the importance of communication and interaction to accomplish the goals of their jobs.”
William A. Duncan, Former Warden of the California Men’s Colony, and Assistant Director of the California Department of Corrections.

“The days following the AVERT training were filled with thanks and a new appreciation for the job we do. The officers now have an appreciation of what our offenders are going through and have used their experience in the training to their benefit. They have grown closer as a team by going through this together, and found a common bond where little may have existed before.”
Marty Mitchell, Juvenile Hall Superintendent, Del Norte County, California


“I got a good impression of what type of minor I would be in juvenile hall, and it was not what I expected.”
Doug, Juvenile Services Officer, San Luis Obispo, California

“Being locked up has changed the way I see my job as a juvenile services officer.”
Rob, Juvenile Services Officer, San Luis Obispo, California

“The most important lesson I learned was to be flexible and more compassionate to these kids.”
Mike, Juvenile Services Officer, San Luis Obispo, California

“I learned that when an individual is handcuffed and led away it’s a humiliating experience. It’s kind of overwhelming.”
Meg, Juvenile Services Officer, San Luis Obispo, California

“When the door slammed and I was in my room and no means to get out I realized what it’s like to be in the minor’s shoes.”
Anna, Juvenile Services Officer, San Luis Obispo, California

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